Day 33

Just a little update on recent events over the last few month one of the people in the friend group convinced me to confess to the one i am in love with in that same week i convinced her to her best friend to a unfortunately neither one of us wound up with the one we loved during all of this i haveing been secretly saving up money for a house so that me and the others in the friend group could live togeather and just today my roomate walked in on his wife who he was going through the proccess of breaking up with his wife who was with the ex boyfriend of my best friends mother i just find it riduclous that all these people who treat each like crap putting on fake fronts are the ones who wind up togeather but lord behold i can’t be with the one i love and now i have suspicions that there was a possibility that something could have happenned between my best friend and my roomates ex wife because he requested his mother go get her after the food was done for the cookout we had his exact words were go get her so we can watch bordertown togeather i’m lonely he said this after just telling me for three days every time i’d ask him if he got lonely that he didn’t so he lied to me after i told him he had he had one more chance to open up to me or i would give up on him completly ontop of saying he was lonely he had a boner i thougt it could have been a possibilty that i gave it to him from all the love and affection i was giveing him in the form of flirting but now i’m not so sure about that what do you think my desr readers


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