Day 35

There was a cook out to celebrate my friend’s birthday almost a week after it actually happened I was the only one who actually celebrated it with him on the day it actually happened by buying him some pizza and spending all day and night playing borderland and cod aw z he tried calling me to come up and hang out ,him and his sister even came down and wasted time  trying to drag me out of bed but i put my tech on silent i’m avoiding everybody nobody may have the balls to tell me but i can see it clear as day they don’t like the people I hang out with but it’s okay for them to be two face hypocrites and practically do the same thing they hate on me for in other news the other day when my friend tried to get me to come upstairs and hang out he acted like a cat when I was rubbing the side of his head lovingly he closed his eyes and rubbed his head into the my hand like a cat it was quite adorable I at least know that he liked it from how he leaned into it he even went as far as swatting at me and meowing like a cat like he was mad when I told him he couldn’t borrow one of my games and that i had to go to work so there was no time to hang out he did question my actions asking what had changed cause I would let him borrow them before It does make me happy that he is attempting to hang out I just think it is pointless sometimes in the long run of things


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