day 36

I’m back I haven’t had access to WordPress for a while I went shopping at the local dollar general not even a hundred feet from my house with some friends to get some things and round up leaving my $400 tablet at the busy checkout on my way out noticed immediately when I got home … More day 36

Day 35

There was a cook out to celebrate my friend’s birthday almost a week after it actually happened I was the only one who actually celebrated it with him on the day it actually happened by buying him some pizza and spending all day and night playing borderland and cod aw z he tried calling me … More Day 35

Day 34

Ah lets see where to begin some much has happened since my past update i don’t know if i will remember to put it all in here but i’ll try since the last time we talked dear readers i met somebody like me going through the same exact situation this boy i met is gay … More Day 34

Day 33

Just a little update on recent events over the last few month one of the people in the friend group convinced me to confess to the one i am in love with in that same week i convinced her to her best friend to a unfortunately neither one of us wound up with the one … More Day 33

Day 32

You know that saying nothing goes as planned here is a perfect example of it today after we celebrated the birthday of ┬ámy one of my friends you know the one who is best friend with my friends sister any who after me we fooled around at her house makeing all shorts of gay jokes … More Day 32

Day 31

It seems the closer i get to the day of my confession the more hectic things get like the fact that in a week time i found out my crush was dateing somebody who then was apparently cheating on him with a girl then broke up with him then not oven a week after his … More Day 31

Day 30

Going on the advice of a few people i moved up a step in my love story by coming out as gay to the person i’m in love if everything goes according to plan by this time next month i’ll tell him i’m in love with him to but first we have to wait for … More Day 30

Day 29

This is a conversation i had with somebody online back before i even started this site going back through it has reminded me of a few things i figured i would share it it with you guys when i look at how long ago this conversation took i think wow it’s amazing how time flies … More Day 29

Day 28

Get this on top of conspiring with my the best friend of my friends sister to deliver a valentine gift to my friend on valentine i stopped spending money on my friend i told him i wouldn’t spend anymore on him again untill he figured out what i have been trying to tell him for … More Day 28